Photo of self proclaimed “peaceful protestor” who stood by and ended up getting shot by a rubber bullet.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

I will take this a step further and say that when “good men” do nothing, it is proof that they are either cowards or not actually good men.

ANYBODY that goes into a war zone (and these riots with looting, burning, and violent attacks against people definitely qualify) has chosen a side. Period. NOBODY willingly goes into a warzone innocently.

You are either on the side of right or on the side of wrong. Here is why:

  • Warzones/riots are dangerous places
  • Evil people are willingly destroying lives
  • Weapons are being deployed (bricks, bullets, glass, clubs, etc)
  • Good people are standing up against the evil and literally battling it
  • Cops with military gear are standing by or actively fighting.
  • Only a mental child walks into that thinking they cannot be hurt.
  • People who just want to “video” it are not usually innocent, they have chosen a side already.

Girl on social media claiming to be hit by rubber bullet as she stood innocently by, decries police “violence” at the riots.

I disagree, and in fact, I see her as just as evil as those who are destroying the livelihoods of 1000’s of people with their rioting. Potential single mothers who can no longer go to their workplace to provide for their children had their lives ruined.

18 year old kids who can no longer go to work. Maybe a chronically depressed young man whose only solace is working at a car parts store will now commit suicide because he feels lost…

A few good cops may never return home to their wife and child because they are attacked.

Hospitals and other places that help those in need will never help another person.

Innocent store owners who have spent their lives building a business see it all ruined and will no longer be able to provide for their family. This business owner attempted to stop the attackers with merely a knife and was brutally stoned to death.

People who saved for years to buy a car so they could go to work, see their years of hard work destroyed and have to start over again with nothing, and potentially lose their job because they can no longer get to work. Another family destroyed.

The argument is simple if you are willing to look at things with logic for a moment.

Regardless of what sparked it (Now that we have evidence of organized destruction with pallets of bricks, pallets of milk to combat pepper spray, and water bottles at the riot sites we know that these people PLANNED to destroy private property and fight cops.) this post will deal with JUST the riots and the people who showed up.

People showed up for various reasons:

  • To intentionally fight
  • Because they thought it was a peaceful protest against racism
  • To intentionally destroy things (loot, burn, riot)
  • To record/watch what was happening
  • To stop the riots or to protect private property


I would encourage you to first, find evidence that the George Floyd murder was inspired by racism. I haven’t found any. The cop murdered the guy. If you watch the video it is obvious. He should die for his crime after a fair and lawful trial. However, there is zero evidence that it was racism. Just because someone is a different color does not mean RACISM was involved.

2nd, once it became violent, you would either try to stop the violence or leave if you were a peaceful person. Therefore, this argument is invalid when it comes to these riots and “innocent bystanders” getting hurt.

2. If you came to Intentionally fight or destroy, or burn, or loot

YOU ARE EVIL. FULL STOP. PERIOD. You cannot get justice for someone by destroying the lives of other innocent people on purpose.

Black business owner crying to see his life’s work destroyed by fire started by the looters.

3. If you came To stop the riots or to protect private property & People

These people chose to protect 1 innocent cop from the mobs in Louisville

Then you have literally chosen to fight on the right side and to stand against evil.

Some people brought weapons, not to fight, but to protect. Blacks and whites stood together to protect a friends business. This is the image the media showed to encourage the racist fear.


This is the complete image. If you have not seen this yet, just know that the media and the riot organizers WANT YOU TO BELIEVE IT IS ABOUT RACE, when it is not.

Notice two black men with rifles standing with the 2 white men.

4. If you came to record or watch,

then YOU have chosen to allow evil to prosper. You have chosen to allow the evil. YOU have chosen to not stand for what is right. No sane and good person watches others commit evil acts and pauses to record it. Good people will stand up against evil.

Watching evil without doing anything to stop it is condoning it and emboldens those who commit evil. Either join the fight, or leave until you are strong enough to come back and stop it.

The rare percentage of true journalists who cannot fight, but who knowingly put themselves in harms way to record the injustice for posterity or to help prosecute later, take on a known risk or death or injury.

They don’t get to judge the good people who were standing up against the evil. They don’t get to cry for pity that they got hurt. They KNOWINGLY put themselves in harms way.

If you haven’t chosen your side yet, it is time to side with the good or the evil. Not choosing to stand against evil is actually choosing to be evil.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

I condemn the terrorism. I condemn the planned violence. I condemn police brutality. I condemn our government in those cities that restrain the forces of good and allow the violence and looting. I condemn murder. I condemn theft. I condemn arson. I condemn racism of which I do not believe this has anything to do with.