Memorial Day.  It is not just a a day to cookout and buy things.  What is the significance, why do we celebrate it, and how is it different than Veteran’s Day?

 Try not to get caught up in the commercialism without taking a serious moment to reflect.  Our freedoms are hard won.  The sacrifice was great.

This Holiday is not about thanking those Veterans who are living.  

That is what Veterans Day is for.
Memorial Day is all about remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice, their LIFE.

Those men and women fought for their lives and our freedom and the freedom of other nations.  They gave their life for that cause.

We honor them this weekend.  We remember them.  We give somber thanks to their families and thank God that they fought.

The Revolutionary War taught us that blood is required to earn freedom.  

The American breed was born in that moment when our forefathers stood up to tyranny.

WWI and WWII taught the world that America would always stand against tyranny and our resolve and blood would defeat it.  

The most recent war against another tyrant, Hussein, proved that once again we stood ready to fight and defeat evil.

So this weekend, don’t just thank a veteran.  Take a moment to realize the significance of an American picking up a rifle in defense of freedom, justice, and YOUR way of life.

May I make a suggestion?  In addition to thanking a Veteran, why don’t you show that you understand the depth of sacrifice a soldier makes by doing something new.

Find a Veteran.  Ask if he or she lost a friend in combat.  Ask for that friends name.  Then promise to drink a beer on Monday in honor of that specific life.  Then follow through.  Most soldiers drink.  They will see this as an act of camaraderie and respectful remembrance of their friend.  They will understand that sometimes words are not sufficient.  A soldier knows that sometimes, all you can do is sit next to someone that is hurting and drink a beer in silence with them. 

I will be doing that this weekend.  We are cooking out, just our family.  I don’t drink, but I will open a beer.  I will say the name of 3 soldiers that were killed in combat.  I will remember, and I will cry, just as I am now, knowing that these soldiers died under horrible excruciating circumstances so that I could live in freedom.  Their names are Greg, Daniel, and Benjamin.

Don’t ever forget. 
Freedom is NOT free.

The Honored Fallen

To have your soldier listed here, send an email to

Greg Missman died due to shrapnel through his chest from an Improvised Explosive device.

Sgt. Mejia died on 31 May 2006 in Mosul Iraq.

SPC Daniel Drevnick died from a missile attack in Basra, Iraq. He was 22.