So I got my first article published!  It’s a pretty cool experience to say you have something printed on a legitimate news site and now I can say that I have done it.  I have been wanting to discuss the Paris Climate Treaty after seeing all the hysteria over President Trump pulling the United States out of it.

I did some research on it, read the actual treaty, did some background research and checked the data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ( and finally wrote my article based on facts.

The article is titled “Is The Paris Climate Accord Really About Climate Change?
Please check it out here and leave me some feedback!

I have to say that my success was due to inspiration from my fiance M.C. and her help in building this website.  Without her to push me I would have never gotten away from arguing with strangers on facebook.  Thankfully, I am now building a portfolio of well researched articles and blog posts and am on my way to achieving something I never thought possible.  Maybe people like me can someday make a big enough difference in journalism that we actually influence people to think for themselves. 

Question everything.  Remember that it used to be “Science” and well publicized fact that the Earth was flat. 

I am excited and hope to get to do more guest posts like this in the near future.  Please let me know what topics you would like to see researched and written about.  Continue Mission, and never stop pushing yourself to achieve your dreams!