​​ Is President Trump Racist?
Is White Supremacy on the rise?

People say the country is divided-
But which side should you stand on?
And should the opposing side win-
What will become of America?
Will society become united
under a banner of hate?

Or will truth and justice prevail?

These questions stir the heart and soul
of this nation.
It is a battle of principles
that cannot be won without the
annihilation of the opposing side.

#RESIST the evil before it’s too late.

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​​We are in a war for our culture. 
Are you willing to arm yourself with knowledge so that you can join the fight?  or are you part of the 97% that hope it will pass you by and leave you relatively secure in your life?

This book helps to explain the history of Fascism, how to detect it, and how to fight against it.
Don’t be fooled by the cover.  After all, one should not “Judge a book by its cover” right?
Join the fight.  Don’t be complacent.

 Stick your head in the sand and let the Nazi’s win…
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