​​ The Yellow Vests have taken to the streets, presumably protesting a tax hike on gas.  Look deeper.
Watch video, look at images of these “protestors” and what do you see?

There is a huge amount of dissolution and anger towards their government.  This is becoming a common theme among Western societies.  Why?
The yellow vests have many reasons to be angry:
High taxes
Huge benefits to illegal immigrants before countrymen
High unemployment
European Union control
Government imposition of climate change (hoax) reforms
Largely uncaring ruling class
I would be angry as well, in fact, I am angry at my own government for many of the same things in America.

However, the last reason is the most startling and dangerous.  They want the rich to pay for everything.They want the rich to “Pay their fair share” – all of it.They want the state to forcibly steal money, earnings, wealth, inheritance, and personal property from “The Evil Rich”.
Yet, these same people are angry that THEY are not rich.

Do you see the hypocrisy?  They want to empower the government to steal from people that they wish they could be.  This is pure selfishness, envy, and covetousness. 

 Another thing wrong with what they are doing is that they are rioting and burning down businesses and people’s cars and private possessions.  Many of them are lawless people who don’t really care about justice.

If they cared, they would attack the homes and government offices of those who made the laws, and hold them accountable, not other citizens just like them.

I do agree that most Western countries have turned into a form of tyranny that no longer represents the country that they rule.  However, I believe that Lady Justice should rule, and that ALL citizens regardless of public office or wealth should follow the laws.
When those laws no longer bring freedom….?

Vote to change the lawmakers.  When voting no longer works?
Maybe an armed revolution IS necessary.