By now you are probably aware that an extreme anti-Trump liberal has opened fire on Republican Congressmen while they were playing baseball after he had confirmed that they were indeed Republicans.  Several people were merely wounded due to him being a bad shot, thank the good Lord!

This assassination attempt is just one in a long series of shootings attempting to silence those with a different belief or agenda than the shooters.  Gone are the days of merely worrying about getting mugged for a couple dollars, now you have to worry about getting killed because you offended someone or have a different religion than them.

While the 2nd Amendment was written by our forefathers to protect us from a tyrannical government, I am a strong proponent of teaching people, women especially how to use this freedom for self defense.  

I once knew a girl that was pretty small, who enjoyed walking outdoors at night.  She went through a park on a nightly basis and was aware of lurkers/thugs who frequented that area.  She carried a small purse whose only contents was a large bowie knife.  On two separate occasions, she noticed a man tagging along behind her attempting to hide in the bushes or trees whenever she intentionally looked at him.  She recounted to me, that she would wait until she was near a light and then casually pull her knife out and start playing with it as she walked.  The light would quickly reflect off the shiny blade and mysteriously, the men would disappear. 

The point is simply this, sometimes, the appearance of a weapon or the willingness to fight is enough deterrence.  Other times, one must have the capability to fight back no matter the size or number of opponents.  This is when a gun comes in handy.  A gun is a universal equalizer and offers protection to a weaker or outnumbered opponent..

Buying a gun is not all that is required.  One must become familiar with it and be proficient in wielding it if necessary.  Some basic rules of safety should be followed as well, namely:

1.  Always treat EVERY gun as if it is loaded

2.  Never point a gun at anything you don’t intend to kill

3.  Keep your finger OFF the trigger until you are ready to shoot

4.  Know your target and what is beyond your target (bullets can pass through your intended target).

To quote Theodore Roosevelt, “Speak softly and carry a big stick”.  One should be prepared to defend oneself and those around you.  It is not out of fear, but out of freedom and the willingness to protect others that you should carry a gun.  Be prepared should not just be a Boy Scout motto.