The ban on Transgenders in the military is a simple issue really.  Lot’s of people want to argue over many things like discrimination, combat readiness, political correctness, fairness, sensitivity, etc.  I’m going to lay out a few simple facts and then let you decide.  The cool thing about facts is that they don’t care what you decide or think about them, they just are. 
You can choose to believe the facts or not.  You can choose to come to whatever conclusion you want.  None of that matters.  The facts still stand. 

If you don’t agree with the facts, YOU are the ignorant one.  Period.  There is no logical dispute of that.  Your opinion does not matter to the facts.  If you choose to disregard facts or leap to an illogical conclusion, YOUR conclusion and YOUR opinion is wrong.  You have a right to be wrong in America, but that doesn’t mean your opinion is valid.  Contradicting facts actually makes your opinion INVALID.  So, here we go.

​​Chromosomes determine your sex.  Humans have 23 pairs of Chromosomes.  Each cell in your body contains the chromosomes.  Each chromosome has your DNA in it.  Literally every cell in your body has your sex or gender imprinted in it (believe it or not, sex and gender are the same thing scientifically).
If your DNA and chromosomes say you are male and you have male genitalia, then you are male.  If your brain tells you that you are not the same gender that your genitalia, DNA, and chromosomes say you are, THEN YOUR BRAIN IS WRONG.  You have a mental illness wherein you either choose to ignore reality, or can’t comprehend reality. 

For those who say they have gender dysphoria and that I am being insensitive, there is no other way to explain a “feeling” that contradicts reality and scientific fact other than to call it a mental illness.  If you want to say that your feelings can be scientifically explained (I know there are a few confused people that have chromosomal mutations – xxx, xyy etc., but the vast majority of transgenders do not, they merely WANT to be a different gender), then I say that yes; scientifically, you have a mental illness. 
In science there are mutations but they are ALWAYS detrimental to the species.  This is no different.  There are perversions, aberrations, etc. and they do create things such as hermaphrodites etc, but these are the exception to the rule.  I am writing about the basic premise of transgenders, not the exception to the rule.  Being transgender has nothing to do with science and everything to do with feelings and what people “wish” vs. reality.

Every cell in your body cries out a specific gender for you.  They all have exactly the same gender, every cell, even your bones.  For someone to deny that is sheer lunacy.

The number of attempted suicides by transgenders, the number of psychological problems resulting from it, and the number of biographies and personal stories of transgenders when they are older, all point to one thing.  Either confusion and a sense of not belonging, or mental illness.  Today the amount of coverage on this issue in society may lead young people to claim transgender status as a form of rebellion or anti-societal anarchy, but that in itself is a mild form of mental disorder.

​​ The conclusion is simply this.  A mental illness aught NOT to be enabled.  Anyone who does not have the proper compassion and concern for those claiming to be transgender is dangerous. ALLOWING SOMEONE WITH A MENTAL ILLNESS TO MUTILATE THEIR OWN BODY IS DANGEROUS AND SHOULD BE CRIMINAL!   Any other time we would quickly rush to stop a child that wanted to cut themselves and try to help them deal with their mental issues or stress.  Somehow in this perverted society, we now see it as honorable or “brave” to help someone cut off body parts. 

This is disturbing, and any civilized society needs to stop this insanity and recognize that humanity has 2 genders that are determined at conception by the sperm and ova.  Any other interpretation or opinion is simply wrong and not valid.  SCIENCE BITCH!

The simple solution to transgenders in the military is what President Trump did.  They should be banned, as should anyone with a known mental illness.