What came to your mind when you saw that headline?  Most people automatically assume that a Police Officer was shot.  If you were raised to distrust the police, or have joined in the modern day fray of Antifa, BLM, and anti-cop rhetoric from former President Obama and his media, then you may be thinking that another evil Police Officer murdered a black man in cold blood.

I’m here to tell you that it almost never happens.  Don’t misunderstand, I’m not saying never.  There are bad people out there.  Cops are people.  It stands to reason that some cops will also be bad.  However, the idea that police across America are racist and just looking for an excuse to kill is patently and verifiably false.

I like to speed.  Since I first got my permit at 15 1/2 years old I have had a lead foot.  My first speeding ticket was for going 92 in a 35.  I almost went to jail but my Dad went to court with me and pled on my behalf.  The ticket cost me the state maximum at the time, $500 plus court costs and my license was suspended.  I have never caused a car wreck or gotten in a car wreck while speeding.  I have had over 150 encounters with the police in about a dozen states and in almost every encounter I was armed.  I am alive.  No cop ever tried to kill me.

Lest you make a racist statement and say it was because I am white that cops didn’t attack me, let me refute that on two points.  One, I have been attacked by cops on several occasions despite being white, well dressed, and speaking calmly and respectfully.  Two, I know many black men who have been pulled over while armed and had no issues.

 Once, when pulled over for speeding on my motorcycle, I told the officer that I had a gun on my hip, and he pushed me over my motorcycle and attacked me, presumably to disarm me.  I quickly restrained him, educated him on the proper way to disarm someone, instructed him to call for backup, and then calmly released him while being prepared to defend myself if necessary.  He went back to his car and called for backup and I did not die, nor did I go to jail.  He had been written up several times for manhandling citizens already.  Another time, a reckless driving officer attacked me with his unmarked car, I sped away until I saw a marked police officer, and stopped and asked for help.  The first officer came to my car and verbally abused me.  When he leaned in my window and looked like he was going to grab my throat, I grabbed my knife.  The second police officer stopped him and I walked away with no problems.  White people get attacked by bad cops as well as any other race.

This idea that white people don’t get harassed or abused by police officers is ignorant and stupid.  I will say that the other 99% of the time I was pulled over, I had no issues and the officers quickly respected me when I showed equal respect to them.  Here is one of many bad decisions by cops.  Keep in mind, the man would have been alive if he hadn’t gotten out of his car holding something in his hand.  White man killed holding his wallet
To point number two about black men not having issues with cops, I used to go to a Southern Baptist black church in Albuquerque, NM.  I know multiple people there who have been pulled over by police officers without any issues.  They always respected the police officer and spoke politely to them and received respect in return.  A story that went viral is the one from a black man in a hoodie, with a gun, by the name of Stephen Hildreth Jr.  I am posting his story because he and I were in the same National Guard unit in Tucson, AZ.

nydailynews- armed black man praises cop
Facebook – Stephen Hildreth Jr.

One of the things to remember about police officers is that there is a greater need and a greater presence of police officers in high crime areas.  Statistically (check the FBI website) the highest crime areas are densely populated black neighborhoods.  Statistically, a higher percentage of violent crimes are committed by blacks.  This means that statistically, more police encounters will be with black people.  That is not a racist statement, that is factual.  This simply means, that the odds of a bad police officer being exposed in a an encounter with a citizen is much higher against a black person than a white.  

Are there bad police officers?  Sure, there are bad people out there.  In 2016 a police officer in Tucson was arrested for robbing gas stations at gunpoint.  Tucson News Now -Tucson Officer Fired.  Are American police officers racist and systematically targeting minorities?  No.  There is zero evidence for that.  The few big cases that caused riots and started the BLM movement turned out to be false stories.  The officers all acquitted by BLACK PEOPLE’S testimony.  (The fact that I have to highlight black in that sentence just goes to show how racist against whites that our society has become.  Somehow a white person’s testimony is not as important or is completely untrusted by many people these days.)

The current viral video about a black man getting shot is here: minnesota-police-shooting-philando-castile  I watched the police dash cam video and the officer clearly tells the man NOT to reach for his weapon.  The man does.  The cop yells twice to stop reaching for his gun and then pulls his weapon and fires, killing the man.  If the man had simply complied, and not shown intent to kill a police officer, he would be alive today.

Too many people look at partial evidence and edited videos and make armchair quarterback decisions about what should have been done.  My conclusion is, arm yourself and treat everybody with respect.  When a Police Officer tells you to do something, don’t make any sudden moves, know your rights, and be respectful and you will have nothing to worry about.

American police officers are some of the best in the world.  I applaud those officers who take their oath seriously and put their lives on the line to protect their fellow Americans.  Thank you for what you do.