These were the words on the shirt of a protestor who was against the #marchagainstShariaLaw.  These marches and rallies were in response to the push for allowing Islam into America, the protest for Sharia law at Trump tower, the Islamization of Dearborn, MI, and a host of other Muslim/Sharia inspired inhumane things. Horrors like Female Genital Mutiliation, honor killings, and death to rape victims for daring to bring dishonor to their family do not belong in a civilized society.  Organized by and mostly run by females who realize the threat to women everyone, these rallies were an attempt to wake people up to the dangers and the egregious evils done against women under Sharia law.  Any person with a modicum of humanity would rightly be against these types of things.  Unfortunately, the political left in America disagrees.

I approached the man wearing the above mentioned t-shirt and asked him if he was taking any refugees into his house.  His response was a vile attack against me for not taking any into my house, to which I replied that if he was advocating for refugees, then he should be the one taking them in.  Our confrontation was joined by a man from Cuba who began talking about how he was a refugee and why he appreciated the #marchagainstsharialaw groups.  He explained that he came from communist Cuba as a refugee and decided to join the American Army to EARN his citizenship.  He believes that the main problem with America is that the people coming here do not want to be Americans.  In fact, the man we were arguing with didn’t even want to be American.  He was ashamed of America (for various delusional reasons) and hated white people for their racism (he was white).
Jorge (the man from Cuba who is now a proud American) and I walked away and began talking about the state of our nation.  He explained the horrors of living under Communism, seeing Sharia law in Iraq and several other countries, and coming back home to America and seeing fellow Americans trying to turn his new country into the very things he despised.  He has a youtube channel which he allowed me to post here:
and some pictures from other rallies and his experiences in a war zone.  Explicit adult images of death and war are included so this is not for the faint of heart. Notice the many pictures of children that American soldiers were helping (many of which were attacked, tortured, and used by Islamists as shields):

Americans need to study history and travel to other countries to truly understand the depth of freedom we have in America.  Maybe we can once again become “the melting pot” and accept people from other countries who truly want to become American, but now is not the time.  As my new friend Jorge stated, “I don’t even want more people coming here from Cuba because they see the American media and they will just want to turn America into Cuba, they just want handouts, they don’t want to become American”.

I encourage everyone to get involved in the discussion with neighbors and friends and go to a rally someday.  Who knows, you may meet a refugee, immigrant, or another citizen like I did and find your life enriched by a new American friend.